Importance Of Building Inspections

For most landlords, building inspections Adelaide is a bi-annual activity for them. This is because it helps in avoiding damages at large scale by identifying the problem in its initial stages before it develops. These inspections are usually carried out by homeowners themselves or by a maintenance team at other times.

However, it is necessary for these inspections to be carried out by a professional when you want to sell your house by its value or when you go to buy a home. Also, it necessary for you to identify some damages at your house that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

Typically, inspection for small buildings can be done more often, and for commercial buildings, it’s done twice annually. The inspecting official documents all inconsistencies and malfunctions and reports them to landlords or property managers for further actions.

Generally, all parts of a building are inspected. For example, the grounds of a building, as well the inside/outside of a building. Fire systems, elevator systems, underground garages, plumbing, electrical systems, mechanical systems, vents, roofs are some of the things on an inspector’s checklist.

Building inspection has evolved drastically over the last decade. Strict government policies and regulations dictate the requirement of building inspectors; these policies are mainly designed to prevent loss of life and minimise damages. There are many technologies which have come up, and inspection companies are equipping their professionals with equipment to enable them to conduct inspections thoroughly at relatively lower costs.

An example of these new technologies is the infrared image camera. This camera works by detecting temperature differences and can help identify problems or malfunctions in many different areas. On many fronts, the infrared image camera is the game-changer. Nowadays, building inspectors and maintenance teams use this technology to provide much better services. Certification is however required to operate the camera, and a thermographer can be hired to inspect the defective areas initially identified by inspectors.

Be it a commercial, a rental or an industrial building, the goal of all property owners is to maximise and maintain the longevity of their assets/property. An infrared camera identifies specific problems, thereby reducing the expenditure of property owners doing inspections.

A building inspection basically covers the following

  • Roof leak detections
  • Moisture detections in the building envelope
  • Investigation of basement leaks
  • Deficiencies in concrete
  • Skylight, window and sunroom malfunctions

It is vital to check on the above elements before making any financial commitments or purchasing a property. A pre-purchase or a building inspection renders appropriate due intelligence. The review provides commercial clients with all the information they require to make appropriate and informed decisions.

A building foundation is the most basic and essential inspection target. An inspector is usually required to inspect a building’s foundation and all the problems that are related to it. An investigator can recommend permanent solutions which are cost-effective to your structural and foundation related issues. Structural, home or commercial inspections can help you avoid disruptive and expensive repairs.