Press Release


HIGHLIGHT is pleased to present Filip Dujardin’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, (dis)location. The exhibition is open from February 8 through March 29, 2013, with an opening reception for the artist on Thursday, February 7 from 6 to 8 pm.

In his new series of photomontages, Filip Dujardin pursues his mission of building an architectural augmented reality, its seamlessness between real and digital provoking a wonder about what is, what could have been and, per- haps, what should be. (dis)location is composed of two bodies of work. The first series, “D’ville”, was photographed in the French coastal town of Deauville for the Photo Festival where Filip Dujardin was invited to establish a correspondence between his universe and Deauville. The second series, “Guimaraes : Transgenic Landscape”, was photographed in Guimaraes for the 2012 European Capital of Culture. Dujardin was challenged to interpret the Guimarães area of northern Portugal through the cultural and architectural use of its landscapes, particularly in the light of a polarisation between city and rural populations.

“In both of these landscapes, a rich history plays out in textured layers across centuries of assembly and accumula- tion. At his hand, the cities, and their iconic architecture, are transformed in a dreamlike concerto of walls erected, planted and inserted, rooftops pitched and deployed, and windows obliterated from memory.

Dujardin sculpts space beyond the confines of an architectural reality. His manifestations negate gravity; they toy with the impossible, the improbable, and the absurd. The Belgian artist studied architecture history before turning his attention to photography in the nineties, yet his penchant for the built environment never subsided. Meticu- lously cataloguing images of buildings, urban space, and landscape, Dujardin has steadily amassed an inventory of photographic textures and gradients. It is from these collected elements that his fictional worlds begin. His constructions are ethereal, not physical, but the real coup is the eye’s deception – a painterly approach to light and shadow that tricks the mind into believing that the structured spaces could really exist.” –Joseph Becker.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue with a foreword by Joseph Becker, the Assistant Curator of Architecture and Design at the SFMOMA. 

Dujardin was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1971. He studied Art History at the University of Ghent with an em- phasis in Architecture. He later studied Photography at the Academy of Ghent. He was a technical assistant to Magnum photographer, Carl de Keyzer and then collaborated with Frederik Vercruysse for six years. He has had solo exhibitions at Highlight Gallery (San Francisco, CA), the Chazen Museum of Art (Madison, Wisconsin), The Bozar (Brussels, Belgium). Selected group shows include: “Aftter Photoshop” Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA (2012-2013), “Architectures Imaginaires” Deauville Photo Festival, Deauville, France (2012), “Pho- tographic Mission“ European Capital of Culture, Guimaraes, Portugal (2012), “Facade 2012” Center for Con- temporary Art, Middelburg, The Netherlands (2012), “High Rise: Idea and Reality“ Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, Switzerland (2011), “Tranquil Dynamism” Jeonju Photography Festival, Jeonju, South Korea (2010), “Vero, Falso, Verosimile” (True, False, Plausible) Casabella Labratorio, Milan, Italy (2010), “L’Alibi Documen- taire” Photography and architecture at Centre Wallonie-Bruxells, Paris, France (2009), “Ostrale 09” Interna- tional contemporary exhibition, Dresden, Germany (2009), UQAM Center of Design, Montreal Canada (2008). Filip Dujardin’s work is in the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, The San Fran- cisco Museum of Modern Art, The Bozar Museum, and the Chazen Museum of Fine Art. He has been pub- lished in numerous books and magazines including Wallpaper*, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle.