Filip dujardin

-Born in Ghent, Belgium on the 14th of july 1971

-Studied History of Art at the University of Ghent, specialized in architecture.

-Studied photography at the Academy of Ghent.

Technical assistant of Magnum-photographer Carl De Keyzer

-2000-2006 :  professional collaboration with Frederik Vercruysse-photographer

-2007 : works as an independent photographer for private and public clients,

in the field of architecture, interior and design.


Exhibitions :


-2008 :


– first presentation of artistic work ‘Fictions’ – BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels)

Image/Construction, curated by Iwan Strauven and Stefan Devoldere


– group-exhibition ‘Exister contre les faits’ – Filip Dujardin, Arni Haraldsson, Céline Poisson, architecture/fiction/photographie – ‘Centre de Design’ UQÀM, Montréal – Canada. Curated by Angela Grauerholz


2009 :


– group-exhibition ‘l’Alibi Documentaire’  Exposition de photographies d’architecture -‘Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles’ – Paris, France. Curated by Cédric Libert and Xavier Canonne


– group-exhibition ‘Ostrale 09’ – International Contempory Art-Exhibition, Dresden, Germany. Curated by Dr. Martin Müller and Lukas Feireiss



2010 :


-solo-expo ‘Imaginary Architecture : Photographs by Filip Dujardin’ –

Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, USA


-group-exhibition ‘Tranquil Dynamism’ – Jeonju Photo Festival, Jeonju, South-Korea

Curated by Je-Uk Kim


– group-exhibition  Michele De Lucchi, Filip Dujardin ‘Vero, Falso, Verosimile’ –

Casabella Laboratorio, Milan, Italy. Curated by Carlotta Tonon and Massimo Ferrari




– solo-exhibition “Fictions” – Highlight Gallery – San Francisco, USA

– group-exhibition ‘High Rise – Idea and Reality’ – Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, Switzerland

Curated by Andres Janser


Publications :


– ‘Reading fictional structures through digital photography’ by Pedro Leao Neto, SCOPIO,

International Photography Magazine, 1 1/3, 2010


– ‘Question beauty, photographs by Filip Dujardin’ by Elizabeth S. Padjen,

AB, Architecture Boston, volume 13, number 4


– ‘Expanding the plausible’ by Michele Smargiassi  +    ‘True, false, plausible’

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– ‘Wild Architecture’, Fiction Series by Filip Dujardin, SPACE magazine (Korea), #504/2009


– ‘Beyond Architecture, Imaginative Buildings and Fictional Cities’, book edited

by Robert Klanten and Lukas Feireiss. Published by Gestalten, Berlin 2009


– ‘Building a mystery/ Filip Dujardin’s photo montages give a whole new meaning to the phrase

“grand designs”’ by Ned Beauman, DAZED&CONFUSED, feb/2009


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– ‘In de ban van de Vlaamse koterij – interview with an architectural photographer’, by

An Bogaerts, DM Magazine, feb. 2008




-San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

– The Metropolitan Museum of Art

– Bozar (Brussels, Belgium)

-Chazen Museum (Wisconsin, USA)