G.U.T Feeling

Highlight Gallery is pleased to present Eric William Carroll’s first exhibition with Highlight Gallery, G.U.T. Feeling. The exhibition will open on July 11th and continue through August 17th.


For the first solo exhibition of G.U.T. Feeling, Carroll presents a series of collages, photographs, and sculptures loosely based on the holy grail of the scientific world—the Grand Unification Theory. In G.U.T. Feeling, images of macro and microscopic phenomena are juxtaposed with the banal and extraordinary, using both original and appropriated material. Drawing inspiration from both accepted theorists and “fringe” physicists, Carroll’s con- structed universe strikes a tenuous balance between logic and instinct.


Carroll’s work shows both awe and humor at the supposed impossibility of a theory that encompasses everything. In “Index 02”, an image from the Hubble Space Telescope is adjacent to Thomas Edison’s sneeze and a desktop covered in dandruff. In “Index 20”, a simulation from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is constructed out of an empty toilet-paper tube and Tinker Toys.


In other pieces Carroll focuses on where the limits of vision and comprehension meet. “Negative Hubble Deep Field Braille” is a photograph of a braille picture book produced by NASA. The thousands of galaxies millions of light-years away are reduced to a handful of bumps on the page. “The Big, Beautiful, Everlasting Bang” consists of an amateur telescope in which one can view the artist’s rendering of what the Big Bang could possibly look like.


Science (both real and imagined) is infused throughout the exhibition. Two of the walls will be overlaid with a graph-paper grid and the overall layout of the exhibition is based upon Albert Einstein’s field equations. Einstein’s portrait covered in pushpins, effectively renders one of history’s greatest thinkers as a “pinhead”.


The work of Eric William Carroll belongs in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), the New York Public Library, Pier 24 (San Francisco), and the Maryland Institute College of Art (Bal- timore). Vince Aletti recently called Carroll’s exhibition at Bosi Contemporary “radiant” and “enveloping” in the New Yorker. In 2010 Carroll was awarded a residency at the MacDowell Colony and in 2012 was the winner of the Baum Award for Emerging American Photographers. Carroll currently lives and works in San Francisco.


A selection of solo exhibitions include BOSI Contemporary, New York, NY (2013), Michael Mazzeo Gallery, New York, NY (2010), Minnesota Center for Photography, Minneapolis, MN (2007). Selected group exhibitions in- clude, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA (2013), Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco, CA (2013), New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA (2012), Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL (2011), Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN (2010). Carroll currently lives and works in San Francisco.