Close to What’s Real




Highlight Gallery is pleased to announce the first US solo exhibition of the Flemish artist, Anneke Eussen. Anneke Eussen is a diverse contemporary artist who works in the media of drawing, sculpture, photography and installation. She currently lives and works in Berlin.


Ever since Anneke Eussen started practicing art, her works have been transcending disciplinary borders. Her earlier works showed an identity quest which evolved around gender issues, nationalism and status, questioning the autonomy of the individual. She developed her concept with formats offered by our consumerist societies. Consequently, the “created environment” (environment that results from human actions) replaced the “self” as her center of interest. Eussen now focuses on what can be read on a surface or a material: “In studying the appearance, we can discover information that goes beyond the visual.


Her large scaled color pencil drawings question the meaning of the reproduction of the image. Her transparency photographs of guests mounted on mirrors connect the viewer with the space while arising the question: How can the image exist in different appearances? Her chain sculptures crystallize the essence of the material in their topographic form, with references to the Swiss artist, Carol Bove. Her velvet-covered bicycles evoke issues of a product and commercial minded society.


Anneke Eussen’s new projects continue to challenge the borders of disciplines. Large-scale prints transform the interior architecture of a gallery space into a visual deception. Actions such as rearranging the furniture of a hotel room are captured as photographs. Eussen wants to create a complex reality: “Close to what is real, but different.


Anneke was educated at the HISK in Antwerp. She has had solo shows at Art Brussels, Patra Vankova Gallery (Berlin), The Loser Project (Berlin), Onetwenty-Tatjana Pieters Gallery (Ghent, Belgium), De Bond (Brugge, Belgium), Bildmuseet (Umea, Sweden). Some selected group exhibitions were at the Forgotten Bar (Berlin), Ainsi Building (Maastricht, NL), Joanna Seikaly Gallery (Beirut, Lebanon), Art Forum (Berlin), Artrepco 3+3 (Zurich), and Onetwenty Gallery (Ghent, Belgium).